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    WAKEMAKE Water Glow Coating Foundation 30ml

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    WAKEMAKE Water Glow Coating Foundation

    The WAKEMAKE Water Glow Coating Foundation is a radiant offering that stands out for its ability to create a dewy, glossy makeup look. This product is enriched with a blend of moisturizing ingredients, including Shea Butter, to ensure skin remains hydrated and healthy. It's designed to form a flexible, thin film upon application, locking in that glow without the risk of caking, and comes in four natural ivory shades to naturally brighten the skin.

    Key Features

    • Hydration and Glow: Infused with Shea Butter and other moisturizing ingredients, this foundation not only keeps your skin hydrated but also ensures a clear moisture glow akin to skincare.
    • Flexible, Long-lasting Finish: The foundation provides a long-lasting glow with a flexible film that adapts to skin movements, ensuring durability without any heaviness.
    • Fine Powder Particles: Its formulation includes finely milled, even powder particles, made through a stabilization technique that prevents clumping, offering a light and smooth texture.
    • Natural Shades: Available in four shades, it promises a bright, neutral ivory color that enhances your complexion without causing darkening or altering your natural tone.

    How to Use

    1. Preparation: Before application, gently shake the bottle to ensure the mixture is well blended.
    2. Application: Apply an adequate amount and gently smooth over your skin, following the texture of your face for a seamless finish.

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