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    Foodaholic Hydrogel Eye Patch 60ea - Gold

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    Foodaholic Hydrogel Eye Patch 60ea - Gold

    The Foodaholic Hydrogel Eye Patch - Gold is a luxurious skincare solution designed to provide deep hydration and a radiant glow to your skin. This product stands out for its high concentration of natural essence and its unique hydrogel technology.

    Key Features

    • Deep Hydration: The hydrogel patch is formulated to deeply adhere to your skin, allowing the rich natural essence to absorb effectively and provide immediate hydration.
    • Gold Extracts: Infused with gold extracts, these eye patches are designed to enhance the skin's vitality, leaving you with a feeling of glow and radiance from within​​​​​​.
    • Versatile Application: Perfect for targeted application, these patches can be used on any area of the face that requires extra attention, allowing for a firm and lively appearance with just 15 to 20 minutes of use per day.
    • Polymeric Gel Formulation: The patches utilize a polymeric gel formulation capable of attracting water up to thousands of times its molecular weight, ensuring continuous moisture retention and immediate hydration​​​​​​.

    How to Use

    1. Preparation: Cleanse your face and apply toner to prepare your skin for the patch application.
    2. Application: Take the hydrogel eye patch and place it under your eyes or on any targeted area of your face that needs extra care.
    3. Relaxation Time: Leave the patches on for 15 to 20 minutes to allow your skin to fully absorb the essence.
    4. Final Touch: After removal, gently pat any remaining essence into your skin to maximize absorption.


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