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    COSRX The 6 Peptide Skin Booster Serum 150ml

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    COSRX The 6 Peptide Skin Booster Serum

    COSRX The 6 Peptide Skin Booster Serum is designed to enhance the overall condition of the skin, addressing a variety of concerns with its specially formulated peptide complex. This serum aims to offer a multifaceted approach to skin care, providing a foundation for additional skin care products to work more effectively.

    Key Features

    • Comprehensive Skin Enhancement: This serum is crafted to improve skin elasticity, fine lines, pores, and overall radiance.
    • Formulation: Contains a blend of six different peptides, each targeted at specific skin concerns, including enhancing collagen, soothing skin, and refining skin texture​.
    • Texture and Application: Known for its non-greasy, lightweight texture, it absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving a sticky residue.
    • Suitability: Dermatologist tested and suitable for sensitive skin, making it a versatile choice for various skin types.

    How to Use

    1. Preparation: Start with a cleansed face as a clean base is crucial for effective application.
    2. Application: Apply the serum evenly across the face, potentially layering it multiple times to maximize benefits.
    3. Integration: Use it as the foundational step in your skincare routine, allowing it to boost the efficacy of subsequent products like serums or ampoules.

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