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    CHOGONGJIN Geumsul Jin Cream 60ml

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    CHOGONGJIN Geumsul Jin Cream 60ml

    The CHOGONGJIN Geumsul Jin Cream is a luxuriously nourishing moisturizer, ideal for enhancing skin vitality and delivering a rejuvenated, healthy appearance.

    Key Features:

    • Rich Herbal Composition: This cream is infused with a premium blend of herbal ingredients, including Royal Honey Jelly, Panax Ginseng, and Gongjin™️. This blend is designed to nourish and soothe the skin, contributing to a healthy, radiant complexion.
    • Deep Hydration: The cream's formulation with Royal Honey Jelly provides a layer of intense hydration, soothing sensitive skin and supporting natural collagen production. This helps in achieving a smooth, honey-glazed glow.
    • Skin Comfort: Known for its calming properties, the cream effectively soothes inflammation and nourishes the skin, making it suitable for those with easily stressed or sensitive skin.
    • Nutrient-Rich Ingredients: The inclusion of Royal Honey Jelly, rich in proteins, lipids, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins, deeply nourishes the skin. Other herbal extracts in the cream contribute to its antioxidant properties and promote skin elasticity.
    • Versatile Application: Ideal for use as the last step in your skincare routine, the cream can be applied after toner or essence. A moderate amount is sufficient, and it should be patted lightly until fully absorbed.

    How to Use:

    1. Prepare your skin with a toner or essence.
    2. Take a moderate amount of the cream and apply it evenly over your skin, following the texture of your face.
    3. Gently press the cream into your face with the palms of your hands to lock in moisture.

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