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    Atopalm Pure Cleansing Pad 30pcs

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    ATOPALM Pure Cleansing Pad

    The ATOPALM Pure Cleansing Pad is an innovative skincare solution designed to offer a meticulous yet gentle cleansing experience. Formulated with 100% pure cotton embossed fabric, this eco-friendly sheet is certified by Oeko-tex in Germany and Rojas in Korea, ensuring its suitability for sensitive skin, including children's delicate skin. The unique convex embossing effectively lifts and removes impurities trapped within the skin's surface.

    Key Features

    • Gentle Cleansing: Utilizes apple-derived ingredients alongside tea tree extracts and jojoba seed oil, providing a mild cleaning effect while soothing the skin post-cleansing.
    • No-Rinse Formula: Designed for convenience, these no-wash pads are perfect for on-the-go use, eliminating the need for water rinsing. The packaging includes double-locked stickers to ensure the pads remain moist and hygienic.
    • Hydration Post-Cleansing: Contains hyaluronic acid and vegetable oil, keeping the skin moisturized after cleansing. Each pad is sized generously to ensure complete cleansing with just one sheet.
    • Clinical Safety: Free from 10 harmful ingredients, emphasizing the product's commitment to safety and skin health.

    How to Use

    1. Open the sticker and gently remove one cleansing pad.
    2. Wipe the pad meticulously over the area requiring cleansing.
    3. Ensure to reseal the package with the sticker to prevent the pads from drying out.

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