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    Round Lab 1025 Dokdo 2 Type Set

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    ROUND LAB 1025 Dokdo Toner + Lotion Special Set (200ml+200ml)

    #4 Crown Toner #Moist Wipe Off Toner #Moisture Lotion

    Simply but surely effective Introducing a special set of exfoliation and hydration
    It helps your skin smoother and moisturized every day.


    1. Moisture Balance care of Ullengdo Islands Deep Seawater.
    Ulleungdo Islands deep seawater of ROUND LABs 1025 Dokdo Line safely contains 72 types of nature-derived minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, and zinc, through patented mineral water manufacturing technology using membrane filters.


    2. Perfect, mild care for dead skin cells
    Hatching EX-07 acquired from Gangwon-dos clean nature takes care of the sebum and old, dead skin cells piled up on the skin surface.


    3. Soothing care for tired and sensitive skin
    Panthenol, Allantoin, and Centella extract, which effectively soothes the skincalm, and comforts the sensitive skin by external environments.


    Toner: Refreshing and moisturizing water type - Water-type texture comprised of only the core ingredients instantly covers the skin with hydration for a soft finish that does not feel sticky.
    Lotion: Fluid type of high Moisture content that is hydrating without leaving a shiny finish Creates a more hydrating moisture barrier on the skin when layered due to its thin, fluid texture that is in between those of an essence and a cream.


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