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    CHOGONGJIN Sosaeng Firming Care Intense Special Set

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    CHOGONGJIN Sosaeng Firming Care Intense Special Set

    The CHOGONGJIN Sosaeng Firming Care Intense Special Set is a meticulously crafted skincare collection that focuses on enhancing the firmness and improving the overall elasticity of the skin. This set is distinguished by its use of BIO Gongjin™, a unique ingredient that is a result of an extensive 840-hour, two-stage oil fermentation process. This key ingredient is developed by infusing herbal components into BIL Oil, followed by a careful and prolonged fermentation period, ensuring a blend of traditional practices and scientific validation.

    Key Features:

    • Elasticity Enhancement: This collection is specifically designed to target sagging skin, aiming to visibly enhance its firmness and elasticity.
    • BIO Gongjin™: The signature component of the CHOGONGJIN line, BIO Gongjin™, embodies a blend of herbal ingredients merged with BIL Oil, fermented over an extended period to maximize its efficacy.
    • Herbal Ingredients: The formulation begins with the careful selection and processing of Gongjindan ingredients, ensuring a high-quality, natural foundation for the skincare products.
    • Fermentation Technology: The set leverages CHOGONGJIN's exclusive fermentation technology, which is a fusion of age-old wisdom and modern scientific methods, to deliver notable anti-aging benefits.

    How to Use:

    1. Preparation of Ingredients: The process starts with a stringent quality inspection of herbal ingredients, followed by streaming, natural drying, and finely grinding to form the base of the products.
    2. Application of Fermentation Technology: The next step involves the unique fermentation process, where these herbal ingredients are infused into BIL Oil and fermented to create the BIO Gongjin™ compound.
    3. Regular Use: Incorporate the products from the set into your regular skincare routine, focusing on areas where firmness and elasticity improvement are desired.

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