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    WAKEMAKE Stay Fixer Pact Vegan 7g

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    WAKEMAKE Stay Fixer Pact Vegan

    The WAKEMAKE Stay Fixer Pact Vegan is a testament to the innovation in cosmetics, blending efficacy with ethical considerations. This product offers a seamless finish, ensuring makeup stays fresh and intact throughout the day while adhering to vegan standards.

    Key Features

    • Sebum Control: This pact is formulated to absorb sebum effectively, balancing oil and moisture levels for a smoother skin appearance and enhancing the skin's adherence to makeup​​​​.
    • Ultra-light Powder: Its ultra-fine powder ensures a soft touch, providing a comfortable feel as if wearing no makeup at all. This attribute makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a natural, lightweight finish​​​​.
    • Natural Look: Designed to not look cakey, the real-fit formula aids in maintaining a fresh look as if the makeup has just been applied, offering a matte finish without compromising the skin's natural appearance​​.
    • Vegan Certified: Emphasizing ethical beauty standards, this pact is vegan certified, ensuring no animal-derived ingredients are used in its formulation​​.

    How to Use

    1. Application: Utilize the included applicator or a face brush for application.
    2. Final Step: Apply the product evenly over your face as the final step in your base makeup routine to set your makeup and mattify your skin​​.

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