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    SOME BY MI Tea Tree Calming Glow Luminous Ampoule Mask 1 PC

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    SOME BY MI Tea Tree Calming Glow Luminous Ampoule Mask

    Immerse your skin in the rejuvenating embrace of the SOME BY MI Tea Tree Calming Glow Luminous Ampoule Mask. Crafted meticulously with a potently soothing combination of Tea Tree Leaf and Centella Asiatica Extracts, this mask provides the ultimate skin pampering experience. Designed to address challenges posed by external factors, it offers an effective remedy to manage excessive skin oil and pacify the skin. With its eco-friendly cellulose fabric, this mask assures snug fitting while showering your skin with the essence of a complete ampoule bottle.

    • Infused with a powerful duo of Tea Tree Leaf and Centella Asiatica Extracts to soothe and moisturize.
    • Effective in managing excessive skin oil and pacifying skin discomfort.
    • Eco-friendly mask sheet made from 100% cellulose fabric, ensuring tight adhesion and optimal ingredient delivery.
    • Enhanced with Natural Protector offering antibacterial properties.
    • Enriched with Calendula and Mugwort to refine and soften the skin texture.

    How to Use:

    1. Begin with a clean and toned complexion.
    2. Unfold the mask and align it with your facial contours, starting from the eye region.
    3. Allow the mask to sit on your face for 10-20 minutes.
    4. Discard the mask and gently pat your face to facilitate absorption of the remaining essence.
    5. Revel in the refreshed and glowing appearance of your skin.

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