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    SOME BY MI Snail Truecica Miracle Low Ph Gel Cleanser 100ml

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    1. A mild and gentle cleanser snail Truecica - low ph level of 5.5 - Gentle cleansing

    2. Amazing skin regenerative power 'Mucin' *Snail Mucin: has the power of repairing damaged skin tissues of snail and restoring broken shells itself.

    3. Ongoing acene problems? what is causing it? -> Damaged skin barrier!

    When the skin barrier is damaged, it loses its ability to lock in moisture, causing skin dryness and leaving skin defenseless against the external stressors, eventually leading it to become sensitive.


    4. Miracle repair cleanser! * Amino Acid Complex: 17 types of Amino acids which are the minimum building blocks of skin, quickly improve the skin barrier.

    * Ceramide: is an essential constituent of the skin barrier that protects the skin from the external stressor, allowing you to maintain plumper, firmer complexion.

    * Panthenol: Repair fragile skin condition and create a moisture barrier to lock in skin moisture.

    SOME BY MI Snail Truecica Miracle Low Ph Gel Cleanser_100ml

    Your wounded skin, Cleanse it without any skin stimulation!

    helps to heal damaged skin, strengthen the skin barrier, and balance control!

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