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    Pyunkang Yul Clear Spot Patch 72pcs

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    Pyunkang Yul Clear Spot Patch 72pcs

    The PYUNKANG YUL Clear Spot Patch is crafted to target and treat skin spots, blemishes, and zits with precision. Utilizing the principles of Eastern Medicine and advanced skincare technology, these patches offer a natural and rapid healing process for troubled skin areas.

    Key Features:

    • Hydrocolloid Fabric: This material is effective in absorbing excess sebum and gunk from blemishes, speeding up the healing process, and preventing secondary infections​​​​.
    • Invisible Fit: Designed with ultra-thin edges measuring only 0.39mm, these patches provide nearly unseen coverage, seamlessly blending with the skin for discreet treatment​​​​.
    • Natural Healing Ingredients: Drawing from a heritage of Eastern Medicine, the patches prioritize natural ingredients for soothing and rapid recovery of the skin​​.
    • Diverse Sizes: Each package contains patches of two sizes, allowing for flexible use on various blemish sizes​​​​.
    • Waterproof and Adhesive: The patches are extra thin, waterproof, and have strong adhesiveness, ensuring they stay in place for effective treatment​​.

    How to Use:

    1. Cleanse Skin: Before applying the patch, ensure the affected area is clean and dry.
    2. Select Appropriate Size: Choose a patch size that covers the blemish completely.
    3. Apply Patch: Gently place the patch over the blemish, pressing lightly for optimal adherence.
    4. Leave to Act: Allow the patch to remain on the spot for several hours or overnight for best results.
    5. Remove and Discard: Once the patch turns white or after the desired time, gently peel it off and dispose of it.

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