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    Piccasso Eyeme Eyelash Collaboration

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    Piccasso Eyeme Eyelash Collaboration

    Introducing PICCASSO Eyeme Cutting Eyelashes, a masterpiece designed in collaboration with Korean makeup artist Park Sang-eun. Elevate your eye makeup to new heights, as if you've received a special salon treatment, with these stunning lashes.

    Experience the captivating beauty of natural, feather-like eyelashes that effortlessly blend with your own, perfectly enhancing your daily mood. Meticulously hand-tied, each individual strand of the Eyeme Cutting Eyelash ensures a flawless and realistic appearance.

    Unmatched in comfort, the ultra-lightweight design of these lashes makes them feel as light as a feather, allowing you to wear them comfortably throughout the day. With customization options tailored to suit your eyes and preferred style, the possibilities for achieving a natural-looking makeup look are truly endless.

    Embrace the expertise of Korean makeup artist Park Sang-eun and indulge in the beauty that PICCASSO Eyeme Cutting Eyelashes bring to your eyes. Let your eye makeup shine with effortless elegance and enjoy a touch of salon luxury with every application.

    Key Features:

    • Eyelashes designed with Korean makeup artist Park Sang-eun. Eyelashes made with the highest quality through communication and research with makeup artists.
    • Handcrafted Excellence: Created using Eyeme's exclusive lacquer technique, each strand is carefully woven by hand to deliver an impeccable and natural look.
      Layered Design: The lashes are layered with shorter-length strands at the bristle's side, mimicking the appearance of real lashes for added authenticity.
    • Ultra-light: It is ultra-light without straining your eyes even when you use it for a long time.
    • Reuse: It can be reused after removing the adhesive from the eyelashes with lukewarm water.

    How to Use:

    1. Preparation: Brush the eyelashes with a brush to arrange them neatly.
    2. Application: Using tweezers, carefully pick up the eyelashes from the case. Apply a thin layer of glue to the root and wait for approximately 10 seconds.
    3. Placement: Attach the adhesive eyelashes underneath your natural lashes, ensuring a secure bond.
    4. Blending: Before the glue fully dries, gently pinch the adhesive lashes together with your original lashes for a seamless blend.
    5. Customization: To achieve a captivating eyelash look, lightly coat the tip of the tweezer with mascara. Then, gather two or three strands of eyelashes to create an idol-like effect.
    6. Additional Convenience: The product includes a built-in mini-glue (1pc) for effortless eyelash attachment.

    Color feature: 

    #11 Pure: a daily eyelash with longer middle and end to help eyes look bigger.
    #12 Cute Accent: an eyelash with the longest middle length, making eyes look bigger vertically
    #13 Attitude: an eyelash getting longer towards the end, emphasizing the ends of the eyes
    #U21 Underline

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