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    MISSHA Ultra Powerproof Thin Pen Liner 0.4g

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    MISSHA Ultra Powerproof Thin Pen Liner 0.4g

    MISSHA Ultra Powerproof Thin Pen Liner is a top-tier cosmetic product that delivers a slim and elegant look to your eyes. Its ultra-thin line creates a pure, innocent appearance, making it perfect for both everyday use and special occasions. This liner is particularly renowned for its durability, offering a super long-lasting, smudge-proof effect even under challenging conditions such as high humidity, water, sweat, and sebum.

    Key Features:

    • Long-Lasting Formula: This eyeliner is designed to last from the moment you apply it until the end of your day, without flaking or fading.
    • Powerfully Adhering Formula: Infused with 'The Bonding Pigment', it ensures the liner stays in place for extended periods without smudging.
    • Precision Application: The super-fine and firm brush tip allows for accurate and precise lines, making it easy to use even for those new to makeup.

    How to Use:

    1. Start Clean: Begin with a clean and dry eyelid surface to ensure the best application.
    2. Steady Application: Gently pull your eyelid taut and start from the inner corner of your eye, drawing a line along your lash line.
    3. Build the Thickness: For a more dramatic look, you can go over the line again to make it thicker.
    4. Perfect the Wing: If you desire a winged look, extend the line slightly upwards and outwards at the outer corner of your eye.
    5. Let it Set: Give the liner a moment to dry before opening your eye fully to prevent smudging.

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