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    MISSHA Ultra Powerproof Brow Pencil 0.3g

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    MISSHA Ultra Powerproof Brow Pencil 0.3g

    The MISSHA Ultra Powerproof Brow Pencil 0.3g is a long-lasting eyebrow pencil designed to create soft, natural-looking brows. This product is user-friendly and suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to makeup professionals.

    Key Features

    • Long-Lasting Performance: The Ultra Powerproof formula ensures that your brow look stays put throughout the day.
    • Natural Appearance: The pencil is crafted to provide a soft, natural finish to your brows, avoiding any harsh lines or unnatural appearance.
    • Versatile Color Options: Available in multiple shades such as Grey Brown, Dark Brown, Neutral Brown, Light Brown, and Red Brown, catering to a wide range of hair colors and preferences.
    • Dual Functionality: Includes a pencil for precise drawing and a brush tip for combing and shaping the brows.
    • Easy to Use: Designed for simplicity, this pencil is ideal for everyone, regardless of their makeup expertise.

    How to Use

    1. Outline the Brows: Start by drawing an outline according to your natural eyebrow shape.
    2. Fill In: Lay the pencil flat and fill in the rear part of the brows.
    3. Define Individual Hairs: Stand the pencil up and use it to mimic individual brow hairs, following the natural direction of growth.
    4. Shape the Tail: Tidy up and define the tail of the eyebrows for a polished look.
    5. Comb and Blend: Use the brush tip to comb through the brows and blend the product for a seamless finish.

    Remember to choose the color that best matches your hair and complexion for the most natural effect. The MISSHA Ultra Powerproof Brow Pencil is a versatile and practical addition to your makeup routine, offering durability and ease of use.

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