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    MISSHA Talks Vegan Squeeze Pocket Sleeping Mask Mega Nutritious 10g

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    MISSHA Talks Vegan Squeeze Pocket Sleeping Mask Mega Nutritious 10g

    The MISSHA Talks Vegan Squeeze Pocket Sleeping Mask Mega Nutritious is a meticulously designed sleeping mask that caters to the hydration needs of all skin types, including combination, dry, normal, and oily skin. Certified by the French vegan association EVE VEGAN, this product prides itself on being free from animal-derived materials, making it an ethical choice for skincare enthusiasts.

    Key Features

    • Vegan Certified: Recognized by EVE VEGAN for not using any animal raw materials, ensuring an eco-friendly and ethical skincare choice.
    • Hydration and Care: Specifically formulated to address dryness and hydration concerns, making it suitable for a variety of skin types from combination to oily.
    • Superfood Ingredients: Utilizes a golden ratio of superfood extracts, offering a nutrient-rich formula that revitalizes and nourishes the skin.
    • Gentle Formula: Features a weakly acidic pH, similar to the skin's natural pH, providing hypoallergenic care suitable for daily use.
    • Convenient Packaging: Comes in a pocket type for easy use and storage, allowing for precise application as needed.

    How to Use

    1. Application: At the end of your skincare routine, gently apply an appropriate amount of the mask onto your face.
    2. Overnight Treatment: Leave the mask on overnight without the need for additional cleansing.
    3. Morning Routine: In the morning, wash your face with warm water to reveal hydrated and nourished skin.

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