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    MISSHA Stay Cushion 15g

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    MISSHA Stay Cushion 15g

    MISSHA Stay Cushion is a versatile foundation designed for all skin types, offering a range of benefits to enhance the appearance of your skin.

    Key Features

    • Suitable for All Skin Types: This foundation is formulated to be compatible with various skin types, ensuring a uniform application and an attractive finish.
    • Long-Lasting Wear: It provides a durable makeup effect, particularly effective in high-temperature environments, making it ideal for long days or special events.
    • Smudge Prevention: The product has undergone mask-proof testing, demonstrating its ability to prevent makeup smudging, which is especially useful for wearing under face masks.
    • Nourishing Ingredients: Contains niacinamide, which helps improve skin texture and tone, and sodium hyaluronate, known for its skin-hydrating properties.
    • Skin Tone Enhancement: The foundation works to brighten uneven skin tones and is offered in a variety of shades to match different skin tones.

    How to Use

    1. Preparation: Begin by completing your regular skincare routine.
    2. Application: Use the included puff to gently press onto the cushion. Then, apply the foundation to your face using a tapping motion, ensuring even coverage.
    3. Blend: Gently blend the foundation into your skin, focusing on areas that require more coverage.
    4. Touch-Up: If needed, apply an additional layer to areas that require more attention.
    5. Closing: After each use, make sure to close the product tightly to maintain its quality.

    The MISSHA Stay Cushion Foundation offers a triple-action formula that not only enhances your skin's appearance but also provides nourishment and protection. Its high pigmentation and lasting formula ensure a small amount goes a long way, resulting in a soft, velvety finish that leaves the skin looking healthy and vibrant​​​​​​.

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