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    MISSHA Radiance Pact 9.5g

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    MISSHA Radiance Pact

    MISSHA's Radiance Pact is a versatile and elegant makeup product designed to provide a smooth, radiant finish to your skin. Available in shades like Light Beige, Chic Beige, and Honey Beige, this two-way pact is suitable for a variety of skin tones. The compact comes in a luxurious gold case, featuring a unique design that separates the powder from the applicator and includes a mirror for easy application. This pressed powder is finely milled, providing a natural, semi-matte finish that enhances the skin's natural glow.

    Key Features:

    • Variety of Shades: Available in #21/Light Beige, #23/Chic Beige, and #27/Honey Beige.
    • Elegant Packaging: Comes in a gold case with a flower pattern, featuring a unique design to keep the powder and applicator separate.
    • Fine Texture: The powder is smooth and finely milled for a natural, flattering finish.
    • Semi-Matte Finish: Provides a semi-matte look, reducing excess shine while retaining a natural glow.
    • SPF 27 Protection: Offers some degree of sun protection, though additional sun protection is recommended.

    How to Use:

    1. Choose the Right Shade: Select the shade that best matches your skin tone.
    2. Apply After Base Makeup: Use the pact after applying your base makeup, like BB cream.
    3. Use the Applicator: Gently apply the powder with the included applicator or a separate powder brush.
    4. Apply Evenly: Apply evenly across the face, focusing on areas prone to oiliness.
    5. Touch-ups: Use for touch-ups throughout the day to maintain a fresh look.

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