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    MISSHA Airy Pot Powder Translucent 9g

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    MISSHA Airy Pot Powder Translucent 9g

    MISSHA Airy Pot Powder Translucent 9g is a groundbreaking product that brings a new dimension to makeup setting. This ultra-light powder is designed to provide a seamless finish, blending flawlessly with your existing makeup. Its primary focus is to offer a solution for managing sebum, ensuring your makeup remains fresh and intact.

    Key Features

    • Innovative No-Sebum System: A standout feature of this powder is its 'No-sebum System,' which innovatively manages sebum for a clear, matte finish. This system is specially designed to prevent the usual clumping and stuffiness associated with sebum control powders.
    • Blend of Powder Particles: The powder comprises various-sized particles that smoothly cover wrinkles and pores, offering a refined look.
    • Sweat and Sebum Resistant: Crafted to be resilient against sweat and sebum, it is ideal for long days or in situations where you might be more prone to such concerns, like outdoor activities or humid conditions.
    • Ultra-light, Transparent Texture: The powder's highly transparent nature ensures it doesn’t alter the color of your foundation, maintaining the integrity of your makeup's hue.
    • Versatile Application: Not limited to just face use, its transparent texture is suitable for use on hair and lips as well, providing a comprehensive solution for your makeup needs.

    How to Use

    1. Preparation: After applying your makeup, allow it to set for about 10 minutes.
    2. Application: Gently sweep the Airy Pot Powder onto areas prone to shine or breakdown, such as the T-zone or U-zone. This step helps to maintain the makeup's freshness and matte finish.
    3. Additional Tips: The product comes in a special 2-layered container designed to minimize powder spillage. Ensure the container is closed properly after use to maintain the powder's quality.

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