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    Mediheal Phyto-enzyme Peeling Pad 200ml / 90pads

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    Mediheal Phyto-Enzyme Peeling Pad 90pads/200ml

    Discover smoother, more radiant skin with Mediheal Phyto-Enzyme Peeling Pad! This dual-sided pad provides gentle yet effective exfoliation, tackling everything from dead skin cells to blackheads. Enriched with all-natural Papaya Enzyme and LHA, this pad offers an extensive range of skin benefits, from pore tightening to sebum control. Suitable for all skin types, it leaves your skin hydrated and refreshed.


    1. Features

    • Exfoliating and Deep Cleaning: Offers a comprehensive exfoliation experience that removes dirt, oil, and impurities.

    • Pore and Sebum Control: Effectively tightens pores and controls sebum, preventing breakouts.

    • Soft & Sturdy Fabric: Fine embossed fabric provides a gentle, non-sticky moisture, leaving your skin refreshed.

    • 90-Sheet Capacity: Generous amount of sheets, with built-in tweezers for hygienic use.

    • Sized and Shaped for Comfort: With a 67mm diameter and rounded corners, this pad covers a wide area and fits perfectly on the skin.

    • Dual-Sided Design: One embossed textured side for intense exfoliation and a smooth side for sensitive areas.


    2. Key Ingredients

    • Natural Papaya Enzyme: A superfood rich in antioxidants, aiding in the dissolution of dead skin cells for a youthful glow.

    • Lipohydroxy Acid (LHA): Works gently on the skin's surface, offering a effective exfoliation experience.


    3. How to use

    For Daily Use: After cleansing your face, gently wipe along the entire facial area, avoiding the eye zone. For targeted exfoliation, place the pad on areas where keratin, blackheads, and sebum accumulate, allowing the pad to dissolve impurities for cleaner removal.

    For Intensive Treatment: Apply the pad on targeted facial areas after cleansing and leave it on for 15 minutes. Remove the pad and allow the remaining serum to absorb into the skin.

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