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    Medi Flower Special Hand Cream Set 80g*3

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    1. Natural Protector - Macadamia Nuts has rich in mineral which is effective for dry skin. It also gives your skin moisturized.

    2. Dry and Dead skin care Papaya, Apple, and Green Plum extracts make your skin smooth and skily.

    3. Natural Skin Protector Chlorella, Aloe, and Bamboo extracts soothe your skin and protect from the harmful external environment.  

    Soft and Moisture Balancing The most effective products with clinically proven ingredients.


    #1. Shea Butter Hand Cream 80g - contains Shea Butter extract 100mg


    #2. Oatmeal Hand Cream 80g - contains Oatmeal extract 400mg

    #3. Strawberry Hand Cream 80g - contains Strawberry extract 400mg


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