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    Heimish All Clean Balm 120ml

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    Heimish All Clean Balm

    Heimish's All Clean Balm is a versatile, multi-purpose cleansing balm that's perfect for removing makeup, dirt, and impurities from the skin. Its unique formula transforms from a balm to oil to a milk-like texture upon application and contact with water, ensuring a thorough cleanse. Designed to be gentle on the eyes and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone skin, this balm is a favorite for those who prefer an effective, yet soothing cleansing experience.

    Key Features:

    • Transforming Texture: Changes from a balm to oil and then to a milky emulsion for deep cleansing.
    • Effective Makeup Removal: Quickly dissolves waterproof makeup, dirt, and blackheads without irritation.
    • Gentle and Soothing: Formulated to be low-irritation, making it suitable for sensitive skin, and contains no eye irritants.
    • Natural Ingredients: Enriched with citrus herb oil, coconut extract, shea butter, and white flower complex for skin nourishment.
    • Vegan Formula: Suitable for those who are pregnant or prefer vegan skincare products.

    How to Use:

    1. Scoop the Product: Use the included spatula to take a moderate amount of balm.
    2. Apply on Dry Face: Massage the balm onto your dry face, allowing it to melt.
    3. Emulsify with Water: Add lukewarm water to emulsify the balm, continuing to massage.
    4. Rinse Thoroughly: Rinse off with water and pat your face dry.
    5. Double Cleanse (Optional): For a thorough cleanse, follow with a water-based cleanser.

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