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    Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Dark Spot Care Serum Sheet Mask 28g

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    Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Dark Spot Care Serum Sheet Mask

    The Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Dark Spot Care Serum Sheet Mask is a high-quality facial mask designed to target dark spots and blemishes. This mask is soaked in a concentrated version of Goodal's popular Green Tangerine Vita C Serum Plus. It contains a blend of natural ingredients, including green tangerine extract and vitamin C, to provide a brightening effect on the skin, while also offering deep hydration. Made with Tencel fiber technology, the mask effectively transfers every drop of serum to your face, ensuring maximum benefit.

    Key Features:

    • Highly Concentrated Vitamin C: Derived from Jeju green tangerine, it works effectively to reduce the appearance of dark spots and blemishes.
    • Nourishing Ingredients: Contains niacinamide and various plant extracts like chlorella vulgaris and hydrolyzed jojoba esters, which contribute to skin hydration and overall health.
    • Non-Irritating Formula: Designed to be gentle on the skin, making it suitable for daily use.
    • Eco-Friendly: The mask is made of 100% natural and environmentally friendly materials.
    • Advanced Technology: Utilizes flexible Tencel fiber technology for efficient serum transfer.

    How to Use:

    1. Preparation: Start with a cleansed face and apply toner to refine your skin texture.
    2. Application: Carefully remove the mask from its packaging, unfold it, and place it evenly on your face. Ensure good contact with the skin by gently smoothing out the mask.
    3. Relaxation Time: Leave the mask on your face for about 10 to 20 minutes.
    4. Final Touches: After removing the mask, gently pat any remaining serum into your skin for full absorption.

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