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    Etude House Play Color Eyes Bake House 10g

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    Etude House Play Color Eyes Bake House 10g

    Discover the essence of a bakery in your beauty routine with the Etude House Play Color Eyes Bake House. This eyeshadow palette brings the warmth and charm of freshly baked goods to your makeup collection with its array of hues inspired by a baker's delight.

    Key Features

    • Diverse Palette: Immerse yourself in a selection of 10 warm brownish tones, reminiscent of your favorite bakery items, offering both versatility and depth for various looks.
    • Long-lasting Brilliance: Designed for endurance, these shades promise to maintain their vibrancy and stay put, ensuring your eyes remain captivating throughout the day.
    • Velvety Smooth Application: Experience the luxurious feel of soft, silky textures that glide seamlessly onto your eyelids, providing a snug fit without smudging.

    How to Use

    1. Start with a Base: Use a light shade to cover your entire eyelid as a base, setting the stage for a blendable canvas.
    2. Add Depth: Choose a darker shade to apply in the crease of your eyelid, adding dimension and depth to your eye makeup.
    3. Highlight: Select a shimmering or lighter shade to apply on the center of your lid or inner corners of your eyes to brighten and open up your look.
    4. Blend and Define: Use a blending brush to smooth any harsh lines for a seamless transition between shades. Optionally, define your eye with a darker shade along the lash line.
    5. Final Touches: For a polished finish, consider adding a coat of mascara or eyeliner to complement your eyeshadow masterpiece.

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