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    Etude House Oh M'Eye Line 5ml

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    Etude House Oh M'Eye Line 5ml

    The Etude House Oh M'Eye Line is a high-performance liquid eyeliner that offers a striking and long-lasting effect. Perfect for creating a defined eye look, this product is designed to keep your eyeliner vivid and intact throughout the day.

    Key Features:

    • Vivid and Deep Color: This eyeliner is known for its clear and vivid deep color, adding depth and definition to the eyes with a natural yet striking appearance.
    • Smudge-Proof and Long-Lasting: The formulation ensures that the eyeliner stays put without smudging, maintaining a clean and precise line for an extended period.
    • Quick-Drying Formula: It dries quickly upon application, creating a solid look that stays in place.
    • Easy Application: The product's texture is both light and soft, incorporating flexible and adhesive properties that facilitate easy and smooth eyeliner drawing under various conditions.

    Available Colors:

    • The Oh M'Eye Line comes in three classic shades: Black, Gray, and Brown, offering options to match different preferences and makeup looks.

    How to Use:

    1. Start by drawing a line from the inner corner to the outer edge along the lash line.
    2. For a natural look, keep the line thin, especially if you have out-folded or low crease eyelids.
    3. For almond-shaped eyes, drawing a short wing at the outer corner can create a wider eye appearance.

    This eyeliner is a great choice for anyone seeking a reliable, smudge-proof eyeliner that offers vivid color and easy application​​​​.

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