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    Etude House Color My Brow 4.5g

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    Etude House Color My Brow

    Etude House Color My Brow is a brow mascara designed to set, shade, and moisturize eyebrows for a refined and natural appearance. This product aims to provide a solution for enhancing the look of your eyebrows effortlessly.

    Key Features

    • Natural and Clear Colors: Designed to offer natural-looking brow colors that blend seamlessly with your natural hair color, providing a clear and enhanced look.
    • Quick and Easy Application: The formulation is made for easy application, allowing the brow layer and color to be fixed quickly, even with re-application.
    • Nourishing Ingredients: Contains allantoin, beeswax, and carnauba wax to nourish and provide moisture to both the skin and brows, promoting a healthy appearance.
    • Shade: Etude House Color My Brow is available in multiple shades to match various hair colors, ranging from Rich Brown for dark hair to Blondie Brown for very bright hair like gold or blondie brown​

    How to Use

    1. Initial Application: Stand up the brush and gently touch the area from the top of the eyebrows towards the front, applying color lightly for about 1cm of the front hair.
    2. Comb Through: From the front of the eyebrows to the tail, lightly comb through again following the natural texture of the eyebrows to tidy up the look.
    3. Final Touch: For the front of the eyebrows, comb straight upwards to achieve a clean and defined appearance.

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