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    Danyel' Lipstick - Lilac Shimmer

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    Blend-able. Buildable. Beautiful.

    Best Seller-Favorite Blending Shade

    Lilac Shimmer is a captivating lipstick color that combines the soft and delicate tones of lilac with a shimmering finish, adding a touch of glamour and allure to your makeup look. It is a shade that exudes femininity and brings a sense of whimsy to your lips.
    Its light purple hue is reminiscent of the blossoms of the lilac flower. It has cool undertones with a slightly deeper lavender shade. It's shimmering pearls add a luminous and reflective quality, giving your lips a subtle, eye-catching sparkle. The soft and dreamy lilac tones bring a sense of playfulness and romanticism, making it an excellent choice for spring and summer seasons. It can be worn on its own for a whimsical and feminine look or layered over other lip colors to add a touch of shimmer and depth.
    Lilac Shimmer blends beautifully with Strawberry Soda, Sugar Plum, Red Flame (beautiful combination) and Raspberry Swirl. Use with Passion, Flesh, Eggplant or Roseberry Lip Liners, Raspberry Shimmer, Pink, Rosy Mauve or Lip Toxyl X3 plumping glosses for your perfect look!
    Danyel' Lipsticks give long lasting color that will not change color when applied or fade though out the day.  Paraben and Sulfate free, they moisturize your lips and provide brilliant colors. They can be blended with other Danyel' colors to give custom looks to go with any outfit. You can also use them with our Lip Tox Gloss for that High Fashion look.  Danyel Cosmetics & Marli Skin Care have never tested animals for any of our products and will never do so.

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