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    Clio Dewy Blur Tint 3.2g

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    Clio Dewy Blur Tint 3.2g

    The Clio Dewy Blur Tint 3.2g is a captivating lip tint designed to enhance your makeup routine with its unique blend of features and benefits.

    Key Features

    • Vibrant Color Payoff: This watery-type lip tint offers a vivid and dynamic color experience, making your lips stand out with a rich hue.
    • Blurred and Moist Finish: The product provides a blurred effect with a moist finish, lending your lips a soft and attractive appearance.
    • Lightweight and Blendable: Its lightweight, blendable, and buildable nature allows for easy application, whether you're aiming for a subtle gradation or a bolder full lip look.
    • Natural Ingredients: Infused with Rosa Canina Fruit Extract and Rosa Centifolia Flower Extract, it not only colors your lips but also provides essential hydration.
    • Subtle and Balanced Sheen: The semi-glossy, semi-sheer finish ensures a perfect balance, neither too shiny nor too matte, for a fresh and youthful lip look.

    How to Use

    1. Start with Clean Lips: Ensure your lips are clean and dry before application.
    2. Apply the Tint: Apply the tint starting from the center of your lips, moving towards the edges.
    3. Build Up as Desired: For a more intense look, build up the color with additional layers.
    4. Blend for a Natural Finish: Blend the edges for a more natural look, or leave as is for a more defined appearance.
    5. Combine Shades for Ombre Effect: Optionally, use a darker shade on the inner parts of your lips and blend outwards with a lighter shade for an ombre effect.

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