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    CHOGONGJIN Youngan Jin Cream 60ml

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    CHOGONGJIN Youngan Jin Cream 60ml

    The CHOGONGJIN Youngan Jin Cream is an advanced skincare solution, meticulously crafted to address complex aging concerns, including wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and uneven skin tone.

    Key Features

    • Potent BIO Gongjin™ Complex: At the core of this cream is BIO Gongjin™, a unique ingredient created through an 840-hour, 2-stage oil fermentation process, combining traditional herbal ingredients with modern scientific efficacy. This complex is known for its significant anti-aging effects.
    • Black Ginseng Formula: It features Black Ginseng, processed through multiple steaming and drying cycles, enhancing its anti-aging properties to be 20 times more effective than regular ginseng. This ingredient is known for its moisturizing and brightening effects.
    • Multi-Booster Ingredients: The cream includes a blend of ingredients that contribute to its total anti-aging care, focusing on improving wrinkles, skin elasticity, and providing a moisturizing and brightening effect.
    • Rich and Nourishing Texture: The cream has a highly enriched ointment-like texture, giving the feeling of being intensively boiled down, ensuring deep nourishment and hydration.

    How to Use

    1. Application: Ideal as the final step in your skincare routine. Apply an adequate amount of the product, following the natural direction of your skin texture.
    2. Absorption Enhancement: Gently press the cream into the skin using the palms of your hands to promote better absorption and effectiveness.

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