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    Belove Royal Luminant Auto Eyebrow Pencil

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    Belove Royal Luminant Auto Eyebrow Pencil

    The Belove Royal Luminant Auto Eyebrow Pencil is an innovative makeup tool designed to make eyebrow shaping and filling easy for both beginners and experienced users. Its unique edge shape, enabled by a triangular seam, allows for precise thickness adjustment and delicate drawing based on the angle at which it's held. This feature facilitates the creation of both bold and fine lines, catering to a variety of eyebrow shapes and styles.

    Key Features

    • Triangular Tip for Precision: The pencil's edge is designed to adjust the thickness of the lines, enabling detailed work and a range of styles from natural to bold eyebrows.
    • Bright and Firm Formula: Its formulation allows for multiple applications without crumbling, ensuring a natural-looking eyebrow every time.
    • Built-in Screw Brush: Equipped with a screw brush to organize and shape eyebrow hairs, enhancing the natural texture of your brows.
    • Automatic Pencil: This feature simplifies the makeup application process, eliminating the need for sharpening.
    • Long-lasting, Smoothening, and Waterproof: Ideal for all skin types, this eyebrow pencil promises durability and resistance against water, ensuring your eyebrows remain perfect throughout the day​​​​​​.

    How to Use

    1. Start by using the built-in screw brush to comb and shape your eyebrow hairs.
    2. Gently fill in any sparse areas with the side angle of the pencil for a natural fill.
    3. For more defined tail ends, use the sharp edge of the pencil to draw thin lines.

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