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    Belotty Wire Spring Cuticle Nipper

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    Belotty Wire Spring Cuticle Nipper

    The Belotty Wire Spring Cuticle Nipper is a 4-inch professional grooming tool designed to offer unmatched precision and ease for your manicure and pedicure needs. Boasting a 5 mm half jaw, this instrument is an ideal addition to your nail care. Its exceptional metal hardness ensures enduring sharpness. The ergonomic, smaller curved handles are specifically crafted for a comfortable grip, allowing for effortless operation.


    • Precision Cutting Edges: Well sharpened edges ensure clean and precise trimming of cuticles.
    • Ergonomic Comfort: Well-balanced with an easy-grip handle designed for a comfortable user experience.
    • Durable Performance: Superior metal hardness retains sharpness, extending the tool's lifespan and reliability.

    How to Use:

    1. Prepare Your Nippers: Ensure the Belotty Wire Spring Cuticle Nipper is clean and dry before use.
    2. Grip Comfortably: Hold the nipper by the curved handles, ensuring a stable and comfortable grip.
    3. Trim Carefully: Position the cutting edge at the base of the unwanted cuticle or hangnail, and gently squeeze the handles to trim, being careful not to overcut or damage the nail bed.
    4. Clean After Use: After each use, clean the blades with alcohol and dry thoroughly to maintain hygiene and performance.
    5. Maintain Regularly: To maintain the nippers’ precision, ensure the tool is kept in a dry environment and sharpened regularly as needed.

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