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    Belotty Nail Polish Corrector Pen

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    Belotty Nail Polish Corrector Pen

    The Belotty Nail Polish Corrector Pen is designed to offer a convenient solution for correcting small mistakes made during the nail polish application process. This tool is particularly useful for achieving a clean, professional look by removing any excess polish around the edges of the nails.

    Key Features

    • Precision Tip: Equipped with a precise, tapered tip, this corrector pen allows for detailed correction, making it easier to clean up the nail contour and perfect your manicure.
    • Gentle Formula: The corrector pen contains a gentle, acetone-free remover, ensuring it is soft on your skin and nails while effectively cleaning up any polish errors.
    • Additional Refills: Comes with three refills, ensuring long-term usability and value.
    • Enhanced with Castor Oil: The formula is enriched with castor oil, which helps to moisturize and nourish the nail and surrounding skin during use.

    How to Use

    1. Apply to Mistakes: Gently press the soaked tip of the corrector pen onto any unwanted polish on your skin or around your nails.
    2. Clean the Tip: After each use, wipe the tip with a tissue to remove any excess polish and maintain cleanliness.
    3. Replace the Tip: Once the tip becomes worn or too stained, pull it out and insert one of the provided refills for continued precision.

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