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    Belotty Double Side Foot File

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    Belotty Double Side Foot File

    This innovative tool offers a dual-action approach to foot care, with distinct surfaces for tackling various skin concerns.


    • Dual Sided Functionality: Features a coarse side for eliminating thick calluses and a fine side for smoothing the skin.
    • Sunflower Pattern Design: The raised, sunflower-patterned surface efficiently removes dead skin, enhancing effectiveness.
    • Surgical Grade Stainless Steel: Equipped with a stainless steel surface of precise blade sharpness for immediate results.
    • Durable and Solid: Crafted for longevity and consistent performance, even with regular use.
    • Detachable for Easy Cleaning: Simple disassembly allows for quick and hygienic cleaning after each use.

    How to Use:

    1. Soften Skin: Optionally, soak your feet in warm water to soften the skin for enhanced effectiveness.
    2. Coarse Side Use: Start with the coarse side on dry or damp skin to address thick calluses and dead skin. Use gentle, even strokes.
    3. Fine Side Use: Switch to the fine grinding side to smooth and soften the feet, following the contours of your feet.
    4. Rinse and Check: Rinse your feet and the foot file. Examine your feet and repeat the process if necessary, taking care not to overdo it.
    5. Clean and Maintain: Detach the panels and rinse them under water. Dry thoroughly and store the foot file in a clean, dry area.

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