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    APIEU My Handy Roll On Perfume 9.5ml

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    A'PIEU My Handy Roll-On Perfume

    The A'PIEU My Handy Roll-On Perfume is a convenient and travel-friendly fragrance option, available in a variety of scents to suit your mood and preference. These roll-on perfumes come in test tube-sized bottles, making them perfect for on-the-go applications, whether you're refreshing your scent throughout the day or traveling.

    Key Features

    • Variety of Scents: Available in a range of floral, fruity, and citrus scents including Grapefruit, Jasmine, Peach, Peony, and more​​.
    • Easy Application: Designed for application on pulse points like wrists, neck, nape, or behind the ears, allowing for a discreet and personal fragrance experience​​.
    • Travel-Friendly: The compact and roll-on design makes it perfect for carrying in your purse or pocket for quick touch-ups anytime, anywhere.

    How to Use

    1. Roll it On: Apply directly to your pulse points such as wrists, behind the ears, neck, or nape.
    2. Light Touch: For a subtle fragrance, use a light touch. For a stronger scent, apply more generously.

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