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    APIEU Honey & Milk Lip Oil 5g

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    A'PIEU Honey & Milk Lip Oil 5g

    Discover the luxurious A'PIEU Honey & Milk Lip Oil, a blend of nature's finest ingredients designed to pamper your lips. This K-beauty secret is more than just a lip oil; it's a deeply hydrating and nourishing treatment that ensures your lips remain supple, soft, and irresistibly glossy. Ideal for anyone seeking a moisture boost without the heavy feel of traditional lip products.

    Key Features

    • Deep Hydration: Enriched with honey extract and milk proteins, this lip oil provides long-lasting moisture to keep your lips hydrated for hours​​.
    • Glossy Finish: Offers a beautiful glossy look, enhancing the vibrancy of your lip color or adding a natural shine when used alone​​.
    • Non-Sticky Formula: Despite its rich texture, the oil is designed to be lightweight and non-greasy, ensuring comfortable wear without any stickiness​​.
    • Nourishing Ingredients: The combination of honey and milk protein extract creates a protective moisture barrier, leaving lips smooth and conditioned​​​​.
    • Pleasant Fragrance: Comes with a delightful honey scent that enhances the application experience​​.

    How to Use

    1. Apply Gently: Use the applicator to spread a moderate amount of lip oil evenly across your lips.
    2. Massage: For an extra boost of hydration, gently massage the oil into your lips, paying close attention to the lip line for a smooth finish.

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