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    APIEU Born To Be Madproof Eye Pencil Well Done

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    A'PIEU Born To Be Madproof Eye Pencil Well Done

    The A'PIEU Born To Be Madproof Eye Pencil in the "Well Done" shade is a premium cosmetic product designed to offer long-lasting, smudge-resistant eyeliner with a unique gel formulation. This eye pencil is known for its enduring quality against elements like tears, sweat, water, and sebum, making it a steadfast choice for all-day wear​​​​.

    Key Features

    • Long-Lasting Durability: Engineered to withstand tears, sweat, water, and sebum, ensuring the eyeliner remains intact for extended periods.
    • Gel Formulation: The gel-type texture adheres closely to the skin, facilitating easy application and a smooth finish.
    • Rich Color Palette: Available in a deep brown shade that offers a natural yet pronounced look.
    • Built-In Sharpener: Comes with a convenient sharpener, enabling precise application and the creation of sophisticated lines anytime.
    • Versatile Application: Suitable for creating a range of looks, from subtle to dramatic.

    How to Use

    1. For a Shadow Effect: Apply the pencil across the eyelids and use fingers to blend for a natural gradation.
    2. Triangle Zone Definition: Darken the outer corner of the eyes by filling in the 'triangle zone' for added depth.
    3. Eyeliner Application: Glide the pencil along the lash line, filling in to define the eyes.
    4. Under-Eye Softening: Lightly apply under the eyes to highlight and create the appearance of fuller lashes.

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